SilverTexter makes it easy for you to interact with your customers. We provide you with some great tools to ask questions, create competitions and monitor all the replies from your customers.



Need to find out who will be able to make the next meet up? Want to run a poll? Easily create questions and reply options on demand:

Can you make our next meeting on Saturday at 1pm? Reply Y for Yes, N for No followed by a message. Hope to

see you there!

What is your favourite act of 2012? Reply A for LMFAO, B for Rihanna or C for David Guetta. One lucky person to be chosen for a prize at midnight!

Set automatic replies to go out to people who reply back:

Y: “That’s great, see you on Saturday! Should be a lot of fun!”

N: “Sorry you couldn’t make it this time. See you at the next one!”

We even automate some of the tasks for you:

  • Automatically prompt people who have not replied
  • Get statistics of how many people have replied to each option sent to your phone
  • Add new people to the question after you send it
  • View all of the incoming responses and messages
  • Our smart genies figure out incorrectly formatted messages that should be included as a reply to your question



We also make it easy to run competitions. With a few clicks, you can set up a reply word for your customers to send back to be entered in.

Fashion Plus are delighted to offer one lucky loyal customer a chance to win €1000 worth of clothing from our store! Reply FASHIONPLUS WIN to be entered into the draw! Best of luck!

With the above message, you can monitor all replies that come in to our system and easily pick a winner!