Terms & Conditions

Mobile Numbers

All  numbers that you send text messages to, are  people who you have a relationship with, and that you have persmission to contact.
If you wish to offer them a freeText unsusbscribe option we can offer one to you , please contact us for more information.

Sending and Delivery of SMS Messages

Silverarm Solutions will send each SMS message to one of our SMS gateways for delivery to your registered phones network. In the event that the message does not arrive at your users handset, then Silverarm Solutions will not be help liable for any damages arising out of the failure of the message to arrive. It can be due to a message expiring, handset been switched off for a prolonged period of time, or the end users text inbo being full.
Where you get a delivery confirmation, it is that we have been lead to believe that the delivery has occured , which in most cases is the situation.

Message Content

Use of the Silverarm Solutions SMS service, does not allow you to send obscence, pornographic or abusive messages. Any user doing so will accept full liability for the offense caused, and will have their service terminated immediately with no refund of monies prepaid. We do not tolerate Spam/unsolicited messages and/or the sending of bulk advertising through this service, please refrain from doing so, and please realise that you will be held liable for any offence, and will have your service terminated with no refund of monies prepaid.