Compliance Help

We give you all the tools you need to comply with the Commission for Communications Regulation1. Contacts that have opted-out, remain that way even if you try and upload them again. We handle all that for you.

Services which involve the collection of personal information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers (including calling line identification or caller display information), must make clear to Consumers the purpose for which the information is to be used and must provide information to Consumers as to how to opt-out of such use.” – Regtel Code of Practice – 4.6 (PDF)

“The basic rule that applies to direct marketing is that you need the consent of the individual to use their personal data for direct marketing purposes.   As a minimum, an individual must be given a right to refuse such use of their personal data both at the time the data is collected (an “opt-out”) and, in the case of direct marketing by electronic means, on every subsequent marketing message.  The “opt-out” right must be free of charge.” – Data Protection Code of Practice

SMS Opt-out

Customers can text into our dedicated numbers with a unique shortcode that removes them from your lists. You can even create your own extra codes that will remove them too.

Freetext Opt-out

A freetext option is available that your customers can text to which will cost them nothing. Your account will be debited with the incoming cost and they will be removed from your lists.

Manual Opt-out

You can easily manage your contact opt-outs yourself from the Contact Management Interface. This way you can manage any requests from your contacts directly.