Double Length

We can help you send single length (160 chars) or double length (306 chars) messages. Do not want to send double length messages? No problem, you can turn it off for your account.

Custom FROM Number

Send messages with your own account shortcode as the FROM number. If your company was called Button Factory and you setup a shortcode for your account called BTNFACTORY, then you could send a message that would show up on your customer’s phone as BTNFACTORY! How cool is that.

So Simple

Sending a SMS with SilverTexter could not be simpler. Create your message, add your recipients and click send. If you want to send to a group, multiple groups or just a few contacts, you can handle it all easily from our simple interface.

Copy & Paste

Have your own CRM? No problem, simply copy and paste your list of mobile recipients to send your message. We still handle your unsubcribes so they do not receive the message.

Quickly Reuse

Reuse previous messages to make your sending process even quicker. We load your previous recipients and message text so you have as little to do as possible.

Schedule Messages

If you want to set up your future messages now, we have you covered. Schedule your messages to send at a future date and relax while we take care of it for you.

Repeating Messages

We can also handle repeating messages for you. Simply set your repeat interval and we handle the rest. You can even have it automatically end at a certain date if you need.


Want to include a web address in your SMS for smart phone users? Use our URL shortening service to create shortlinks as you type your message and minimise the amount of characters it takes. We will even tell you how many recipients clicked on your link.